The National Rabbit Association of New Zealand

Rabbit club New Zealand

What is the NRA all about

The NRA is looking forward to being able to provide a positive social democracy on offer to our NRA members and affiliated clubs.  We are a group of people interested in providing a service to any person who holds a common interest in rabbits.

Key things you may see in the NRA.

  1. an easy championship system
  2. an easy system of applying and show returns. More shows in your area. 
  3. All affiliated clubs shall see active support from the NRA, financially and any form of support the NRA can assist. 
  4. Affiliated clubs shall be in charge of their club and hosting shows NRA shall form guide lines but not dictate to affiliated clubs what they can and can’t do. Personal vendettas shall be left at the door. 
  5. A modern judging system- systems from different countries around the world shall be amalgamated to form one educational while professional system that is clear and easy for everyone to understand.
  6. Many more fantastic things and support for our member to be announced!