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Enderby Island 

What are they?

Enderby Islands (Enderby for Short) are one of the worlds rarest breed of rabbit & only found in New Zealand with only about 150 individuals left. There are a good show rabbit, and come in 3 different colours, Slate, Champagne and Crème. They originate from the Auckland Islands (Below Stewart Island) a shipment of rabbits were released in the 1860’s  were the breed evolved into what it is today and were recused from the island in  1992, by Willow Bank Wild Life Reserve in Christchurch.

Do Enderby Islands make good Pets?

Although the Enderby has ben domesticated for over 20 years this breed needs a large spaces cage as can be flighty. Rabbits that are handled frequently can be more laid back and docile, Pet scale 3 out of 5 as some rabbits can be flighty.

What to Look For when Buying?

A Medium Sized Rabbit about 2KG a nice  long, lean rabbit with little fat.  A bold head. The silvering on the body to be as even as possible from stomach to back, head, feet, tail & ears to have less silvered giving a darker appearance.


Enderby Island - Standard

Ring size B, Tattoo size Z & B


                Adult                       Ideal                        2kg

                U/5                          N/A                         N/A


Body to be medium in length, with a slight taper from the hindquarters to front, with a slightly arched back. Leaning towards a racy look. The head is to be medium in size and in proportion to the body. It is to be well set in the shoulders and show no visible neck. The ears are to be in proportion and firmly set on head. They are to be carried in a "v", not necessarily together. The feet and legs are to be medium to fine in bone and good length. The Nails are to match the body colour.



To be between a fly back coat and roll back, a vibrant coat free from a course texture. Hair shafts to be a medium length.


Accepted Colours

Slate– Under colour to show a dark slate blue. With a medium amount of silvering preferred throughout the entire body. The head and feet may have less silvering. 

Champagne– Under colour to present a lighter shade of slate blue. Silvering on the body to be medium to heavy. The whole body to be evenly and moderately interspersed with longer, jet black hairs and silver tipped slate hairs. Head, ears, feet and tail can range from almost black with light silvering. To less of the base colour showing through the points, due to an increased amount of silvering in the body.

Crème - Undercolour orange to go down the hair shaft, far as possible, body colour creamy white, the whole evenly and moderately interspersed with longer orange hairs and silver tipped hairs. Darker markings on head, ears, feet & tail permissible with less silvering than the main body. White underbelly is permissible.

Evenness and Brightness of Silvering - The evenness of silvering is more important than the degree of silvering. Silvering is to be evenly distributed over the body with exception of head, feet and tail showing more of the base colour. A diamond shape of un-silvered fur on the forehead permissible until fully mature.(mask to have silvering)

Under 5 months - Slate/Champagne kits are born black. Creme kits are born a fawn colour. Silvering starts to show from about 6-8 weeks and can take up to 6
months to come into their full coat. Solid patches of the base colour will be seen on the juvenile coat. Under 5's should be judged for their general type and evenness of silvering that is coming through at the time of showing.



Coat too harsh, woolly, thin or short


Serious Fault

White hairs in armpits



White patches on coloured fur or coloured patches on white fur.

Champagne Enderby Island