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What are they?

A multi- coloured rabbit whos' markings vary from rabbit to rabbit. A very hard breed to get right as no rabbits markings are the same. They are one of the most rare breeds in New Zealand. There is no known harlequins in the South Island. The breed is having to be re created  with only a hand full of stock left up North,

Do Harlequins make good Pets?

As harlequins are very rare, there are not many out in the pet market. They are a larger rabbit. The breed is a larger size and has a good reputation .

What to Look For when Buying?

A cobby body with three colours on it. The lines and shapes on this breed to be as clean cut as possible. The markings are to be equal on each side  with a split of the colours down the middle dark colour to be opposite  to the light


Harlequin - Standard

Ring Size E


Head 10

Ears 10

Legs 20

Body 20

Normal Coat 15

Colour 15

Normal Type 10 

Total 100 


Head - To be equally divided, one side black and the other side golden orange. Five points allocated to each side.

Ears - One ear to be black the other golden orange. The black ear on the golden orange side of the face, and vice-versa. Five points allocated to each ear.

Legs - One front leg golden orange, the other black. One hind leg black, the other golden orange the reverse side to the front. Five points allocated to each leg.

Body - To be banded in black and orange and as clearly defined as possible. It shall not be considered a fault if the bands are broken at the vental and dorsal lines. Belly colour may be lightish.

Normal Coat - Very dense and silky and about 2.54cm (1 in) long.

Colour - Part dense black, part golden orange, the brighter the better.

Normal Type - The head to be longish, wide between the eyes and not coarse. The ears to be 10.16-12.7cm (4-5in) long carried upright. Legs to be of medium length and not coarse. The body to be muscular, well proportioned, slightly arched and of firm flesh. The eye colour to be brown, blue or hazel. 

Weight - The ideal weight for the Standard Harlequin to be 2.723.62kg (6-8lb). There is no weight disqualification for any age Standard Harlequin rabbit. 

COLOURS OF HARLEQUINS AND MAGPIES Black Harlequin. Dense black and golden orange. Blue Harlequin. Lavender blue and golden fawn. Brown Harlequin. Rich dark brown and golden orange. Lilac Harlequin. Dove grey and golden fawn. Black Magpie. Dense black and white. Blue Magpie. Lavender blue and white. Brown Magpie. Rich dark brown and white. Lilac Magpie. Dove grey and white.

GENERAL - No one colour to take preference over any other. Normal coat. Rex coat or Astrex coat, each to be of equal merit. The markings to be of paramount importance to other considerations. 

FAULTS - Harsh, fly back coat, white hairs or excessive brindling. Underside of tail, light or white is undesirable but only to be deemed a minor fault. 

PENALTIES - White marks or patches. Five points each mark or patch.