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Mini Cashmere Lop

What are they?

Mini Cashmere Lops are long coated versions of Mini Lops. They can commonly pop up when breeding normal coated Mini Lops. Although they are not ideal when  breeding for Mini lops, they can be  a good starter for someone looking for a long coated rabbit, as depending on the individual,it will not need to be groomed as much  due to the abundance of guard hairs.

Do Mini Cashmere Lops make good Pets?

Mini Cashmere lops can make good pets, If you get a good coated one they will not need as frequent  grooming as with a poor cotton wool like coat that will need  daily brushing and a clip every 3  months. They have great natures  Pet scale 2 out of 5  Very difficult to find a easy care as this is what breeders are wanting.

What to Look For when Buying?

A  short cobby body with no visible neck. Well muscled and  broad shoulders. A broad thick head as if has run into a bus. Ears to fall behind the eye the coat to be coarse and full of  life. The length to be approximately 3-5cm long . Most colours accepted. Weight        approximately  1.5kg


Mini Cashmere Lop - Standard

Ring Size C


Type and Condition 30

Head Ears Crown 30

Coat 30

Colour 10 

Total 100 

Type and Condition - Bold thickset and firm. The body should be short, broad and well muscled with little visible neck. The well muscled rump is short and well rounded. The chest is broad and deep. The overall appearance giving a compact impression. The front legs are thick, short and straight. The hind legs are short, strong and powerful and carried parallel to the body. The tail is strong, straight and well furred.

Head Ears & Crown - The head should be strong, bold and broad with well developed cheeks set well into the shoulders. The ears are broad, thick, well furred and rounded at the ends. They are carried close to the cheeks, giving a horseshoe like shape when viewed from the front. The inside of the ears should not be visible from any angle when carried correctly, the crown, which is the basal ridge of each ear, should be prominent across the top of the skull. The eyes should be bold and bright.

Coat - Fur is dense, the topcoat being longer and heavier than the under- coat with plenty of longer stronger guard hairs. Approximately 3.8-5.0cm (1½-2in) long and should not be woolly, matted or felted, to hang down naturally. Evenness is more important than length.

Colour - To conform to the recognised colour or pattern as per the Standard Cashmere. 

WEIGHT - 1.60kg (3½lb) maximum. 

FAULTS - White hairs in solid colours. White toe nails in coloured exhibits. Putty nose in Butterfly pattern. Coats with extremes in softness or harshness. 

DISQUALIFICATION - Overweight, waviness in coat, malocclusion, any deformities.