The National Rabbit Association of New Zealand

Rabbit club New Zealand

What is involved in convention

The NRA shall run an annual convention over the period of a weekend selected by the NRA.  If and when possible, the NRA shall advise their members two years in advance of the location and date of the convention for the following year. The NRA shall appoint a show committee who shall be in charge of the running of the event, and appointing any jobs or positions required to manage it. They may not necessarily be a members of the NRA general committee. The convention will run in alternative islands each year, and the location of this to be decided by the NRA general committee. 

The convention shall consist of

  1. An NRA 5 star main show
  2. A 3 star all breeds show
  3. 4 (Four) NRA affiliated associations shall be invited to host a section of this show. And shall benefit from any financial gains made from their section.
  4. Local clubs will be responsible for providing prizes for their assigned sections. 
  5. An NRA pet championship show.
  6. Invite any other rabbit-related event. e.g hopping. 
  7. NRA  (JDP) Junior Development Program event.
  8. Any seminars that are able to be run.
  9. If possible run an NRA judging school.