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Pet Championship  

The NRA will strive to bring and support pet owners in the NRA through our pet championship. Each local club that affiliates to the NRA will receive an individual stamp inclusive with their membership. This stamp will be the clubs pet championship stamp throughout that clubs affiliation with the NRA. Each club will still require to apply and pay for their pet show to be NRA sanctioned, this can be paid at the same time as their breed show or as an individual pet show.  The NRA will hold a national pet show at the NRA convention held each year. 

Exhibitors will receive a NRA pet passport inclusive with their NRA membership. They are to keep and bring with them whenever they exhibit at NRA sanctioned shows. They are to enter their rabbits into the classes on offer by the local clubs, the pet show can run any way the local club sees fit. Although NRA Show rule [SR 54 sanctioned show requirements] must be adhered to and the pet sanctions show fee paid.

For every first place overall in a class (e.g friendliest pet) the exhibitor receives the exhibitor shall receive one stamp in their pet passport. Present your passport to the show secretary before the show commences so it can be filled in. The show secretary requires to initial the stamp and state the show date. Exhibitors can travel and exhibit to as many different NRA sanctioned shows they like, only NRA sanctioned pet shows can be recorded. 

Once the exhibitor has filled out their passport they will receive a NRA Pet champion diploma for. Points are as followed

                30 stamps = Champion

                48 stamps = Supreme Championship 


Send your completed passport back to the NRA Pet register and you will be presented with a diploma at the next time you attend your home clubs show. 


Key points 

    1. You must bring your pet passport with you to every show. No passport no stamps. 
    2. If you lose your passport you must start from the beginning and a replacement passport will cost $2.50
    3. Additional passports cost will cost $2.50


Memberships and passport numbers

                Full single            - 1 passport

                Full family            - 2 passport

                Full Junior            - 1 Passport

                Social Single        - 1 Passport

                Social family       - 3 Passport

                Social Junior       - 1 Passport

NRA Pet Championship Register

Ben Ellis 

76 Grenville Street


Christchurch 8011 

Or email [email protected]