The National Rabbit Association of New Zealand

Rabbit club New Zealand

Pure Breed Championship  

The NRA pure breed championship system shall be an automatic system and once a show has been completed with the return being sent to the Championship register, the rabbits concerned can begin their pathway to championship status.

This system is only open to full members of the NRA

Bronze diploma – 10 CC star points

Silver diploma – 15 CC star Point

Gold diploma – 20 CC Star points

Champion – 25 CC star points, and one best of section

Supreme Champion – 30 CC Star points, One Best in Show

Double supreme champion - 50 cc Star points, two Best in Shows. 


The NRA pure bred championship system. 

  1. The stars available for any NRA sanctioned show can be found on the show schedule submitted to the NRA and its exhibitors. Any number of shows may be applied for the following year.
  2. If the judge feels the exhibit is not a fair representation of the breed or fails to meet the 80 points in a show, the judge at their discretion may not award any CC points for that section of the show. However it shall be up to the show committee who shall liaise with the judge as to whether the exhibit is deserving of any prizes attached to the class. The judge may also choose not to award a 1st place to the exhibit.  
  3. The officiating judge must sign all CCs he/she has awarded.
  4. Exhibitors may receive their cc cards at the show or have it noted on their club card with the allocated CC points awarded and the judge’s signature. 
  5. The championship system shall be an automatic system. Once the show secretary has filled in the NRA show return form and sent it back to the Championship register the rabbits grading shall be formed automatically and the diplomas, once the rabbit is eligible, sent to the exhibitor’s home club for them to hand out at their next show or whenever convenient