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Registering your rabbit.

Rings and Tattoos

Contact the register

The NRA has an easy ring and tattoo system. Exhibitors may purchase rings from their regional representative, and then place the rings on exhibits themselves. Alternatively you may tattoo an exhibit. Email the NRA Register and place your order today. 

Ringing and tattooing is necessary to participate in our automated championship system. 

NRA Ring Register 

Lee Jones

Purchasing Rings or Tattoos 

Rings can be purchased from your regional representative. If they do not have any in stock, email the ring register and see if they are able to help source you the size you are seeking. Often regional representatives will being their stock along to shows,where you can purchase rings.

Tattoos are available from the registrar.Email them with the following information.

    1. Size (according to breed description)
    2. Year the rabbit was born and the quantity you require per size 


Rings cost $2.50 each

Tattoos $1.00 each

Why do I want to register my rabbit?

In order to participate in the NRA championship system, the rabbit must have some form of identification on them (Ring or tattoo). Every NRA sanctioned event has a star rating that the show is valued at, this is dependent on the classes available ,or the calibre of the judge judging. The star grading can be found on the front of the show schedule. If your rabbit receives CC points, these are recorded in a nation wide data base, and recorded.Once your rabbit has received the appropriate amount of CC’s ,you will be awarded their diploma. The NRA Championship system is all automated, and as an exhibitor you do not need to do anything other than exhibit your rabbit in a NRA show.