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Silver Fox

What are they?

This is a Medium sized breed of rabbit  that come in 3 different colours, Black, Blue and chocolate. In New Zealand we now only seem to see the black ones being shown. This breed is found in the Normal Fur section of the show and is used   commercially as a fur and meat breed. Bucks are smaller than does, some does  have huge dew laps (folds of skin and fur underneath their chins).

Do Silver Fox make good Pets?

Bucks can be very active and love attention they love chinning (sent marking) every thing. They are a medium sized rabbit and make good pets. Silver fox love getting out and playing with toys and need a medium to large cage. pet scale a 5 out of 5

What to Look For when Buying?

A well toned rabbit with plenty of firm meat. The coat to  be lush and soft but very dense. The ticking on the flanks to go up the sides as high as possible.  Clean white belly and split through the legs, chin, eye circles, a as small as possible triangle behind the ears .


Silver Fox - Standard

Ring Size D


Colour 25

Markings 20

Coat 40

Weight & Type 15 

Total 100 


Black - To be an even jet-black with undercolour as dark blue as possible extending to the skin. Blue - To be a medium blue (even and sound) extending to the skin, eyes to be brown, blue or grey.

Chocolate - To be dark chocolate (even and sound) top colour to go down as far as possible. Undercolour to be slate, eyes to be lilac, brown, blue or grey, brown preferred.

Lilac - An even pinkish shade of dove colour throughout carried down to the skin. Eyes to be lilac with a ruby glow.

Markings - The chest, flanks and feet to be well and evenly ticked with silver- tipped guard hairs. Any extension of the ticking up the side and/or over the back to be considered a beauty and not a fault. The eye circles as neat as possible, a pea spot in front of the base of each ear, inside of ears, line of jaws, underside of tail and belly, all to be white. Undercolour permissible. Triangle behind ears to be white but as small as possible. Eyes brown or grey.

Coat - Dense and exquisitely silky in texture, length to be about 3.175cm (1¼in), but texture and density to be of more importance than length.

Weight & Type - Adults to weigh 2.494-3.17kg (5½-7lb), moderate length of body inclined to cobbiness, slightly arched back, broad head of medium size, carried on a short neck; ears of medium length in proportion to the head, carried evenly and rather broad well-furred legs, straight and strong in bone. 

FAULTS - Pale undercolour, silver or brindled patches other than the recognised pattern, rusty shade of body colour, excessive dewlap or woolliness. 

DISQUALIFICATIONS - Yellow or any other colour tinge in white pattern; deformed bone or pendant ear; putty nose, suffering from colds, speck or wall eye. 

GENERAL APPEARANCE - Alert with full glossy coat. Firm in flesh and healthy. The foregoing standard applies to all colours except for the difference in their colours.