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Standard Chinchilla

What are they?

Standard Chinchilla are a very striking breed and breed mainly for there fur and meat. The coat is broken down into 3 different parts a the slate, pearling, and top colour. Each one of these is essential for the make up of the coat, this breed is found in the Normal fur section of the show &  commercial rabbitries world wide.

Do Standard Chinchilla make good Pets?

Standard Chinchilla are very laid back breed and love cuddles and attention. They enjoy lazing around. They like being handled and are good pets although a slightly larger Breed 3.1kg. pet scale a 4 out of 5 they are good children's pet with few faults. These rabbits love their treats so watch their weight

What to Look For when Buying?

A medium to large rabbit with  the most important aspect of the breed the coat the, coat is to be exquisitely soft  and dense to touch. The slate to be a deep blue to be 50%  of the hair shaft, while the pearl to be a pearl colour to be the other 50%.


Standard Chinchilla - Standard

Ring Size D


Colour 35

Coat 35

Type 30 

Total 100 

Colour - To resemble real Chinchilla. The undercolour to be dark slate blue at base, intermediate portion pearl (slate to be definitely wider than pearl) with black narrow line edging, “pearling to be clearly defined”, top grey brightly ticked with black hairs, either very even or wavy ticking admissible, neck fur lighter in colour than body but strictly confined to nape, flanks and chest ticked with uniform shade of pearl, slightly lighter than body, eye circles light pearl grey well defined, ears laced with black.

Coat - Exquisitely soft, fine and dense, not a fly-back coat (free from woolliness) length of fur between one inch and one and a half inches, density and texture to rank over length.

Type - Moderate length body, fine bone, free from coarseness, head medium size, short neck, small and erect ears. Small dewlap allowed in does. Weight: Under 4 months    2.041kg (4½lb) Under 5 months 2.494kg (5½lb) maximum Adults 3.170kg (7lb) 

FAULTS - Drooping or lopped ears, barred feet, odd coloured eyes, brownish band between black narrow line edging and pearl, pearling not extending down rump, woolliness and white toe nails. Exceeding weight limits. 

DISQUALIFICATIONS - White patches on body, feet or head, putty nose.