The National Rabbit Association of New Zealand

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Steward Training Education Program (STEP)

Here at the NRA we would like to recognise the hard work of stewards. Without stewards, we would not be able to run shows smoothly.   Stewarding appears on many clubs committee meeting agendas,with the lack of stewards, or lack of experienced stewards able to present rabbits correctly.  The NRA will be grasping this issue with both hands, and offering a system that is designed to teach stewards the art of stewarding. 
The NRA will utilize their judges and local clubs as the base to help educate exhibitors about techniques and methods to present animals to the best of that persons, and rabbits ability. We have on offer a power point presentation that can be used to run seminars, and teach exhibitors how to present different breeds in the correct way.  
A lot of the time, book stewards are stuck with inexperienced stewards , meaning that some rabbits are presented incorrectly.  By offering a system that gives people a goal to work towards, thereby improving their confidence and ability to present rabbits correctly.   This will enhance the stewarding standard at NRA sanctioned shows.   Our system will be used as a stepping stone to train judges.    Stewards that are ranked  A grade have the opportunity to apply to become a NRA judge.  
Stewards can be assessed by a NRA senior advanced or advanced judge at any NRA sanctioned show.  They must be able to present and achieve all the requirements in their level before being upgraded.  
When handling breeds a steward must present the breed at shows on two different dates, and have a senior advanced or advanced judge sign off their STEP card.    Each section shall state how many breeds are required to be stewarded before achieving that grade.
Steward may miss 2 breeds per level., this is to allow for lack of breeds exhibited.  
Stewards who have achieved a grade can purchase a NRA stewarding badge.  This badge shall be placed on the upper left arm. 
A grade –  Able to present correctly all breeds  including long haired breeds, all Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Flemish Giant, Polish. 
B Grade – Able to present correctly all Normal Fur, Rex, Dutch, Enderby Island, Tans, Harlequins,
C Grade –Have a good knowledge of stewarding and general table etiquette